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Chandra DeBuse


June 25th-27th 2021

DeBuse on the loose!

Ceramics - Sketch & Stretch:

Hand-building & Surface Intensive

9:30-4:30 Tuition $475

In this three-day workshop, students will learn new ways of designing, building & illustrating functional pottery. 

Chandra will share how she translates sketches into three dimensional forms using simple and inexpensive materials, such as wood, bisqued clay & craft foam through soft slab hand-building techniques.


After forming 3-5 pieces, students will learn to create a layered, colorful surface through underglaze inlay, brushwork, sgraffito, texture & color.

This workshop will be suitable for beginning to advanced clay students. Anyone striving to develop a more cohesive relationship between form & surface in their own clay work will enjoy this workshop.

Kristen Kieffer


July 9th-11th 2021

No Fear Ornamentation!

Ceramics: Hand-building & Ornamentation 

9:30-4:30 Tuition $525

In this three-day workshop, students will focus on embracing play with decoration. Kristen will introduce her method for creating stamps, everyone will make their own to use during the workshop. 

She will also demonstrate an array of decoration techniques to deliver different line-qualities, textures, & layers that result in work which can be as functional, sculptural, minimal, or extravagant as each student desires. 

Decoration demos include sprigging, slip-trailing, slip-sponging, paper resist, Dairy Queen, & inlay will be covered. All of these can be applied to your current body of work.

Kristen will also be demonstrating how to use the potter’s wheel as a tool for hand-building, making your own bisque molds, & darting to achieve different shapes. 

Timing in clay, idea-generation, studio ergonomics & progressing one’s own work with learned techniques will be discussed as well. You will leave the workshop with a collection of new skills, stamps & the confidence to play & draw from your own influences.

Bob Green


July 26th-30th 2021

Alternative Firing Workshop

Raku & Saggar Fire

9:30-4:30 Tuition $750


In this five day-workshop students will be making and firing their work; two or more days of making either hand-built or wheel thrown pieces and then burnishing, saggar firing and raku on the two last days along with naked raku!


Raku is a sixteenth century Japanese pottery firing process which is closely associated with Zen Buddhism and the Tea Ceremony. 


“Raku for me is a way of staying connected with my work during the firing process."


There are so many possibilities within the area of alternative firing the results are always different but can produce beautiful surprises!

Curt LaCross


August 9th-13th 2021

Capturing the Human Element in Clay

9:30-4:30 Tuition $750

In this five-day workshop, students will learn the exciting and unconventional methods LaCross uses to fabricate striking life-like subjects during this intensive hands on workshop. 

Curt will show how he builds his realistic subjects, demonstrating various surface techniques. 

First, participants will explore the possibilities of working on an armature. 

We will discuss anatomy, the construction process and conceptual development. 

Later, we will spend time refining the sculptures and we will delve into the post firing processes Curt uses to achieve his strikingly cosmetic exteriors. 

Students will be introduced to new approaches on how to address surface. We will discuss working with resins and various acrylics. This promises to be an innovative and informative workshop!