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Marty Grivjack’s Lightroom + Photoshop Learning Extravaganza!

September 14th-18th

9:30-4:30 Tuition: $750


You MUST be here for Lightroom + a side of Photoshop! 

In this workshop you will learn how to create art from your images, fix everyday shooting problems, organize and find any image instantly, learn the best Lightroom & photographic workflow techniques available, Photoshop your images quickly and have a GREAT time while doing it! 

Stop wrestling with your Adobe image editing software and learn from the best. Marty Grivjack, a PPA Photographic Craftsman and instructor, has been using and teaching Adobe Photoshop Lightroom since its first beta in 2006… for 14 years! He knows allthe secrets and shares them in this multi-day program. Pick his brain to get your most vexing questions answered…he tells all! 

Stuff we’ll cover:

- Importing, keywording & organizing your images

- Collections (JUST what are they, anyway??)

- Storing and SIMPLE back up of your photographic work

- Catalogs…One…or many?? The true answer is divined in this class. 

- Color & BW editing secrets 

- Learn to “Read” your photograph so you know where to start

- Learn WHEN to Photoshop your image…and when you don’t need to! 

- Spot-on architectural adjustments in seconds - 

   "Look, Ma! No Tilt-Shift Lens needed!"

- Spot-removal, too! 

- Make Presets to solve all of your common edit needs

- Adjust one, fix many, Synchronizing of edits (read: TIME SAVER)

- Color correction and White Balance 

- Create competition-caliber images, as simple as 2-3-4! (find out why no “1”)

- And this: much, much more!!!

Don’t miss this program. EVERYBODY LEARNS! 

Class Brings:

- Laptop/computer & your power adapter

- Pen Tablet (Wacom or other) for easy editing (optional if you don’t have one)

- Some of your images (class images will also be supplied)

- Camera and gear for some Photo Safaris 

- Latest version of Lightroom & Photoshop if possible

- Your Brain, open to new ideas and ways of doing things

- Room for some fun. Be ready for new words!!! (Marty’s full of ‘em)